dimarts, 10 de juliol de 2018

DJ Spooky about Duchamp

"well, at the end of the day, whenever you guys see this image and you see me speaking: this is a found image that you're going to be seeing from this, edited, spliced, diced and put sompleace on a website, server or in a videoclip. so the pun here is that I and the words I am speaking can be sampled and probably maybe will be so the image and the recording itself is going to be a found experience and what I want people to think about DJ culture and mixes and the kind of style that I look at, that inspired my DJing and my art and my writing, we're saying what happens when composition and compositional strategy kind of blur. So it's a process because anybody can take this image of these sounds and run with it in any direction. For all I know you can edit me into Mickey Mouse and Mickey Mouse could be speaking about Duchamp and a remix of Warhol photoshooped over it or something and that would be the same kind of pun. Here we are in the 21st century where the artist has to use software not only as a basic tool but also to say look the 20th century was about mass production, that's what shoppers do. The 21st century to me at least is about mass customization where you're always gonna make your own version, that's what the playlist is about on your iPod, that's what when you upload your cameras and images online to Flickr and so on that's the same thing, same thing happens with Wikipedia when people are selecting bits and pieces of discourse, so it's becoming a kind of a vocabulary that many people are familiar with in the DJ and artists are someone who navigate these kinds of informational terrain. So hopefully you guys out there in the world just keep that in mind, that's what makes it all kind of spooky".


en Marshall McLuhan diu que quan es va llançar l'Sputnik, una professora va demanar als seus alumnes de segon curs que escrivissin algun...