dilluns, 14 de maig de 2018

Amalie Smith - "Enter" (2018)

Video piece commissioned by the National Gallery of Denmark. Playing in the museum cinema from March 16 – September 9 2018. Entrance is free. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

Enter takes place in a fictional future where the museum collections have been uploaded and lead their own digital lives online. The collection’s figurative paintings have merged, forming a three-dimensional digital architecture inhabited by a group of conscious digital entities – among them a moth that flew into the US military’s Mark II computer in 1947 and since became known as ‘the original computer bug’.
Això és un enllaç al web de l'Amalie Smith.


en Marshall McLuhan diu que quan es va llançar l'Sputnik, una professora va demanar als seus alumnes de segon curs que escrivissin algun...