diumenge, 24 de desembre de 2017

symbolic acts are like children

"There is an indignity in speaking on behalf of others (Gayatri Spivak), but it is equally irrelevant to direct and instrumentalize your symbolic acts, because they are like children: there is no knowing what they will get up to. They wander off on their own and should be allowed their freedom."

"art dies when it becomes a model"

"Have our imaginations become so poor that we cannot think society without these two incredibly boring matrices, state and capital? It would be pathetic if we couldn't come up with something better".

"The Society Without Qualities", de Lars Bang Larsen.

les cortines ballen amb l'aire que exhalo amb les paraules que encara no t'he dit

no sóc a casa però sé que les finestres estan tancades i les persianes abaixades i que no hi entra ni la més lleugera brisa i sé, també, que...