dimarts, 4 d’abril de 2017

towards a formidable aporia

"... what is called translation in different cultures covers various operations with various labels attached to them in the relevant languages - with the consequent need to translate those foreign-language concepts of 'translation' (but they do not call it 'translation', they call it 'tirgum' or 'fanyi' or whatnot) into 'our' (?) concept of 'translation' (or 'Übersetzung', 'vertailing', 'traducción', etc.)- and vice versa. The proliferation of inverted commas and brackets in the previous sentence, together with the one-directionality of translation, suggests we are in a tailspin -or an upward spiral- towards a formidable aporia."

Hermans, Theo (1999). Translation in Systems. Manchester, UK: St. Jerome Publishing, p. 92.

o de sobre com ens flipem amb la teoria i les paraules i tot això.
no només el pensament és vàlid per caminar.