dilluns, 14 d’octubre de 2013

a hopeless task

Things I'll Not Do (Nostalgias)

Never go to Bulgaria, had a booklet & invitation
Same Albania, invited last year, privately by Lottery scammers or
recovering alcoholics,
Or enlightened poets of the antique land of Hades Gates
Nor visit Lhasa live in Hilton or Ngawang Gelek's household & weary
ascend Potala
Nor ever return to Kashi "oldest continuously habited city in the world"
bathe in Ganges & sit again at Manikarnika ghat with Peter,
visit Lord Jagganath again in Puri, never back to Bibhum take
notes tales of Khaki B Baba
Or hear music festivals in Madras with Philip
Or enter to have Chai with older Sunil & Young coffeeshop poets,
Tie my head on a block in the Chinatown opium den, pass by Moslem
Hotel, its rooftop Tinsmith Street Choudui Chowh Nimtallah
Burning ground nor smoke ganja on the Hooghly
Nor the alleyways of Achmed's Fez, nevermore drink mint tea at Soco
Chico, visit Paul B. in Tangiers
Or see the Sphinx in Desert at Sunrise or sunset, morn & dusk in the
Ancient sollapsed Beirut, sad bombed Babylon & Ur of old, Syria's
grim mysteries all Araby & Saudi Deserts, Yemen's sprightly
Old opium tribal Afghanistan, Tibet - Templed Beluchistan
See Shangha again, nor cares of Dunhuang
Nor climb E. 12th Street's stairway 3 flights again,
Nor go to literary Argentina, accompany Glass to Sao Paolo & live a
month in a flat Rio's beaches and favella boys, Bahia's great
Nor more daydream of Bali, too far Adelaide's festival to get new scent
Not see the new slums of Jakarta, mysterious Borneo forests & painted
men and women
Nor mor Sunset Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, Oz on Ocean Way
Old cousin Danny Leegant, memories of Aunt Edith in Santa Monica
No mor sweet summers with lovers, teaching Blake at naropa,
Mind Writing Slogans, new modern American Poetics, Williams
Kerouac Reznikoff Rakosi Corso Creely Orlovsky
Any visits to B'nai Israel graves of Buda, Aunt Rose, Harry Meltzer and
Aunt Clara, Father Louis
Not myself except in an urn of ashes

March 30, 1997, A.M.

Allen Ginsberg

dimarts, 8 d’octubre de 2013

de Dieu

"...Cependant tout d'un coup pour toujours quand elle quand elle encore en ce moment toujours par la nature: pour la culture
par l'espérance pour ainsi dire pour la peindre; pour elle-même des langues de tout un peuple. de leurs plaintes: des langues de l'esprit humain. des savans; de leur intelligence des langues des sciences. de nouveaux concitoyens, d'être, de tant d'hommes illustres, d'une langue morte des signes de la parole, de la méditation, de ses propres créations. de Dieu,
de son propre ouvrage! de discuter ces questions de métaphysique.
de nos actions.
de l'enseignement-universel"

les cortines ballen amb l'aire que exhalo amb les paraules que encara no t'he dit

no sóc a casa però sé que les finestres estan tancades i les persianes abaixades i que no hi entra ni la més lleugera brisa i sé, també, que...