divendres, 2 d’agost de 2013


"In an interview between the artist (Ryan Gander) and Stuart Bailey, published in their collaborative book on Gander’s work Appendix (2003), Bailey observes that when Gander commissioned the designer John Morgan to create a poster for the artist’s lecture ‘On Camouflage’ in 2001, Gander and Morgan ‘both independently spelt “camoflague” wrong throughout the project, so the word was camoflagued too’.2 (The misspelling of the word in the transcript and its correct usage everywhere else in the interview makes the printed quote doubly perplexing. Or should that be ‘camouflaged’?) "


en Marshall McLuhan diu que quan es va llançar l'Sputnik, una professora va demanar als seus alumnes de segon curs que escrivissin algun...