dimecres, 31 de juliol de 2013

eyes wide shut

ningú sabrà mai l'angúnia que feia venir 

i jo em vaig apropar i la finestra es va obrir així de cop i em vas dir 'has estat tu?'

you silent my song

divendres, 19 de juliol de 2013

Tomorrow I perform

3pm at 3rd floor Central Saint Martins (King's Cross)
"A to do list for a better exhibition"

With art, zebras, ekstasis and a bright yellow wall!

diumenge, 14 de juliol de 2013

5 proposals (for a better world)

1- I propose to leave a gap in the place where the word "propose" should be written in my next proposals.

2- I          to add the Catalan word "daixonses" to the English vocabulary. By doing this the English people will be able to use it in the same way that Catalans do: as an all-purpose word that we pronounce when we cannot find the exact words.

3- I          to change the gramatical function of the word "worship" to a name. It WON'T be a verb anymore. It is now a name!

4- I         to be an amateur for the rest of my life and have a lot of worships.

5- I         to forget all the references.

- I         to eliminate the word "to" after the gap in which the word         should be written and start writing the first verb of each proposal in gerund tense.

- I          changing the subject "I" to "They" in my next proposals.

- They         not calling these "proposals" and giving them the name of "love declarations".

- They         daixonses+ing.

- They         becoming very angry because I've made them responsible for the future of these love declarations.

- They        asking the reader to fill the gaps that appear in these LOVE declarations with the words he/she HATEs the most. (From the beginning, please)

- They         changing the subject of these love declarations to "The reader" and giving him/her the whole responsability.

- The reader         being very happy because he/she now has A REAL ROLE on all these nice daixonses, and saying to the person next to him/her: NOW I HAVE THE CONTROL.

- The reader         writing in this white piece of paper his/her definition of art and once written, taking a photo of it and sending it to Sofía (soph_kol@hotmail.com). In case the reader does it in the moment when the exhibition is happening, the reader goes to Sofía and reads it to her.

- The reader         using scissors to cut some of the words he/she has used to fill the gaps like this (an arrow points out the gap) and composing something similar to a new sentence pasting the words in this yellow piece of paper.

- The reader         drawing A REAL WORSHIP in the piece of paper and sending a photo of it to me (anna333isdot@gmail.com) or hanging it to the exhibition wall. The sentence the reader has composed in the last love declaration should be used as an explanation of the drawing. If the reader does not remember what A REAL WORSHIP is, the reader          reading proposal 3.

- The reader          getting tired of so many tasks.

- The reader          discovering that it all is a lie and that having the chance to choose a few stupid things does not mean having the control over this.

- The reader          starting to feel really angry with me because I don't want to change the subject.

- The reader          disappearing, leaving


D  E   E    P

G         A          P

-                                                            feeling existencial emptiness.

dilluns, 8 de juliol de 2013

diumenge, 7 de juliol de 2013

A problem of gravity

Federica was born in the wrong planet. Gravity is not made for her.

 Everyday something falls from her hands directly to the floor.

dimecres, 3 de juliol de 2013

Snake'second skin

When I was nine I found a snake during a journey to the woods with my father. In order to protect me from the snake my father took a big stone and threw it to the animal. I never saw that snake again but I suppose it remained smashed under the stone until worms completely ate its body and made it disappear.

Thirteen years later the image of the snake smashed under material appears in my life two times in a day:
-the first was at Dieter Roth's exhibition, where there was a painting made of glue and some Roth's clothes from those days when he suffered from obesity. Gina, the curator, said it was like the process of snakes when they change their skin. But in Roth's painting the skin was smashed by the wheight of glue.
-the second one is an artwork made by Rosy Keiser called "Eve's first confusion between penises and snakes" in which at the bottom of the canvas a snake'skin is pasted. It seems as it is carrying the wheight of the whole piece. Some organic materials and fabric in brown, grey and white are assembled just over the skin occupying a concrete corner, reminding me of a big heavy stone.

The rest of the piece is empty: only wood and air.

Georges Perec and a list of other ideas

Spieces of spaces and other pieces.

 -fish scales plastic
-mad in England
-Clerkenwell animal hospital
-over some graves there are squirrels and over some other graves there are coins
-je hässlichers aussieht, desto besser sieht es aus
-we're afraid to call it love. Let's call it swimming
-the girl who ate her potential map made of mango
-snake'second skin

escollir era descartar

a. un camí clar b. un camí que es perd b i entra a escena la nit i l'ermità i entren a escena els mussols i la llanterna de l...