divendres, 26 d’agost de 2011

Die Liebe zur Welt

"Sie schaute auf die Welt wie ein Vogel, nachdenklich; und man selber war auch nachdenklich; aber du konntest nicht sagen, ob sie ein Raubvogel war oder einfach ein verwirrend fremder Singvogel."

JARRELL, Randall (1954). Pictures from an Institution

dilluns, 15 d’agost de 2011

Momo - Michael Ende

-What's time, anyway?
-Maybe it's like electricity. After all, there are machines that can record people's thought waves - I've seen one myself, on TV. They've got gadgets that can do anything these days.
-How about this for an idea! When you photograph something, it's down on film. When you record something, it's down on tape. Maybe they've got a machine that can record time. If we knew where it was, we could simply put it into reverse and the missing time would be there again!

les cortines ballen amb l'aire que exhalo amb les paraules que encara no t'he dit

no sóc a casa però sé que les finestres estan tancades i les persianes abaixades i que no hi entra ni la més lleugera brisa i sé, també, que...